Introductory Papers/Tutorials

  1. Bayesian Networks without Tears by Eugine Charniak. Download PDF
  2. Influence Nets with Causal Strengths: An Evolutionary Approach by Julie Rosen and Wayne Smith.
  3. Recursive Noisy Or - A Rule for Estimating Complex Probability Interactions by John Lemmer and Don Gossink.
  4. From Dynamic Influence Nets to Dynamic Bayesian Networks: A Transformation Algorithm by Sajjad Haider.
  5. Modeling Time-Varying Uncertain Situations using Dynamic Influence Nets by Sajjad Haider and Alexander Levis.
  6. Identification of Best Sets of Actions in Influence Nets by Sajjad Haider, Abbas Zaidi and Alexander Levis.
  7. Presentation of RNOR